Electric Garage Door

Trust our local repair company to fix your electric garage door in Aurora, ON. We respond quickly when it comes to electric door problems. Your overhead door moves automatically thanks to its opener. If the unit acts up, the door might not close entirely. It might reverse without obstructions in its way and it might not go all the way to its opening position. Sometimes, such problems happen when tracks are damaged or misaligned. The door will not open if the spring is broken. But it’s also possible that there is a problem with the opener. And as experts in electric garage door openers, we can take care of any issue.Electric Garage Door Aurora

What can happen to the electric opener?

One of the motor wires might get damaged or disconnected. The sensors might get misaligned. Their wires might be pulled off and they might also break. The sprockets and gears might get ruined. The chain will lose its tension overtime and will need adjustment. The clicker might break or get lost. And these are only a few of the problems which might occur with the opening system. In order for us to identify the reasons for each problem, we troubleshoot before we perform any electric garage door service.

The effects on your electric garage door

There is no wonder why we provide emergency electric garage door repair. When opener problems occur, inconvenience becomes the least of your problems. If the door doesn’t close well, your home won’t be secure. If the reverse system is not activated at the right moment, accidents might happen.

Our electric garage door services

We can take excellent care of your Aurora electric garage door. Not only will our techs respond quickly to your urgent calls, but will also be there to maintain the electric system and make the right adjustments. Since many problems occur when the opener or the door for that matter is not installed properly, you can also turn to our team for your electric garage door installation needs. We do everything right, respect the specs of your door and opener, and fix issues quickly. Call Garage Door Repair Aurora anytime.

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