Garage Door Maintenance

No one really doubts the great effects of garage door maintenance. Though, the effectiveness of the service is measured by quality standards and time variables. How often do you maintain your door? Garage Door Repair Aurora, ON, recommends maintaining the system once a year. This way, all parts will be checked before they wear or loosen up, and so problems can really be prevented. One thing our company in Aurora, Ontario, can promise is quality service. Our technicians inspect and fix properly giving gravity to the tiniest issue and taking care of all components, ranging from the fasteners to the springs and opener.

High quality maintenance service Garage Door Maintenance Aurora

When you schedule garage door maintenance in Aurora with our team, trust the excellent results. The diligence of our technicians is a product of their hard work, meticulousness, experience and commitment. We show up neatly dressed, on time and ready to get to work. The tools we need are in our van and we start off with a general garage door inspection to get to know your system and identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Thorough garage door parts inspection

If your door hasn’t been maintained for long or some parts are in really bad condition, we do pay attention more and inform you of your options to upgrade the system or the necessity to replace the worn components. Garage door troubleshooting shows us what’s wrong with a door not opening all the way or not shutting well. Rest assured that we take care of just about everything!

We lubricate and fix garage door parts

We proceed with garage door adjustment, and testing the force and balance of the door. The opener panel and unit are checked and so is the remote. The sensors are also tested and the broken wires are changed. Our goal is to fix the door so that it will be safe and offer convenient access to the user. We fix garage door opener reverse mechanism problems, add tension to the springs, lubricate the moving parts, make sure the tracks are stable and aligned, and tighten the fasteners. The job is done with professionalism and accuracy, focus on every detail and respect to the demands of the customer. Make an appointment with our Aurora garage door maintenance specialists to feel the difference!

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