Garage Door Remotes and Clickers

It takes hundreds of components to create an automatic garage door system. Of all these parts, it is the Garage Door Remote Clicker in Aurora that seems to get lost or easily broken. This is because it is the only part that is not connected physically to the garage or to the system itself. The garage door remote is a tiny hand held device that makes it feasible for you to open or shut the garage door from the safety and convenience of your automobile.

Garage Door Remotes and ClickersThe garage door clicker, as it is also known is an electronic unit similar to the one used to operate your television or other electronic systems. The device sends a signal to the sensors on the garage door. The signal is then sent to the opener and the door is opened or closed as requested. It is when this unit is lost, or when nothing happens when you push the open or close button, that it is time to call Garage Door Repair Aurora.

Garage Door Remote Replacement

In many cases we find that the battery is dead on the garage door remote control, or perhaps a wire has come loose. Our first goal is to make a simple repair, but if the unit cannot be repaired or if it is lost, garage door remote replacement will be the solution. Luckily, we provide the best remote brands in the industry, including Marantec, Genie, Liftmaster and Sears. In addition, we offer Craftsman and Chamberlain brands as well. The remote does not get any better than these brands.

We also provide the universal garage door remote, which provides you with the opportunity to operate more than one door at a time. It would be awkward to use a single remote for each door. The universal model eliminates that requirement. It is compatible with many brands as well. Contact Aurora Garage Door Repair for all of your remote service requirements.

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