Garage Door Tracks

Bent garage door tracks? Call us. We offer track repair in Aurora, Ontario, and help our clients fast. Tracks are essential parts of your door. If they get seriously damaged or dented, you won’t only hear loud noises but might also not be able to fully open the door. When tracks are damaged, the door might jam. The same thing happens when tracks are not aligned. So call Garage Door Repair Aurora if there is a problem with the track or the door is jammed. Let us check if the door’s poor performance is due to track issues. We can fix your Aurora garage door tracks and replace the damaged rollers in no time.Garage Door Tracks Aurora

Door off track? Let us fix your garage door tracks and rollers

Is your overhead door noisy? Let us inspect the condition of your garage door tracks and rollers. If the wheels are rusty and worn, they will make a loud noise. But track dents will also produce squeaky noises. If they are both made of steel and hardly lubricated, noise is unavoidable. To spare you the noise, we can maintain the system and lubricate both parts to make wheels roll smoothly. But garage door rollers will eventually wear. In this case, call us to replace them.

You can also call us to help you choose rollers and tracks. Want to eliminate noise? We can install nylon rollers as long as your door is not extremely heavy. Our staff has the best solutions for you and looks after the needs of each client with the intention of minimizing future issues. We can replace and install rollers and tracks to improve the door’s performance, but we also offer emergency garage door tracks replacement. Are the tracks extensively damaged? Are they not of the right size? Our technicians can help you in timely fashion.

When your garage door tracks in Aurora are misaligned, the door will most likely jam. This happens when the track fasteners loosen up. We offer quick track alignment and repair services to fix the dented and bent tracks. Is the door off track? This means that the rollers must be checked. Call us. We can take care of both parts and provide same day garage door tracks repair.

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