Garage Door Weather Stripping

Whether or not your garage door is insulated, you need weather seals. Contact us to install garage door weather stripping in Aurora, Ontario. Is the bottom seal broken? Our techs will replace it. Did you try to replace the side seals alone but the overhead door won’t close? Call us to fix the problem. We provide weather stripping replacement and Garage Door Weather Stripping Aurorainstallation in Aurora and at very competitive prices.

What’s the benefit of garage door weather stripping?

Weather seals offer numerous benefits. As their name implies, they protect the property from the weather. The garage door bottom seal along with the side and top strips will keep cold or hot air from entering. They will also keep the conditioned garage air from escaping. And so you don’t lose energy. And that’s very important, especially if you use the garage for various purposes or have invested in an insulated door. On top of that, weather stripping seal the little gaps which become the entry point of insects, critters, and rodents. Since they seal the distance between the door and jamb/floor, the door moves better and closes well on the ground. So, call Garage Door Repair Aurora to replace the torn seals of your door.

Why schedule weather stripping replacement with us

We don’t only respond fast when customers need to replace the garage door weather stripping, but also offer excellent solutions. Not all weather seals are the same. They differ in terms of material and type to fit on each door. We can install retainers or simple adhesive or nailed weather seals but also install threshold products. In any case, you can trust our expert garage door weather stripping installation service.

Our pros measure the door, cut the weather seals accordingly, and install them properly so that the door will be well-sealed. We also check the door’s movement and make sure it closes down firmly. Our techs are experts in the installation of weather seals and provide quick and affordable garage door weather stripping Aurora service. So, if you need quotes or our assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our company. Call or send us a message now.

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