Garage Doors

Our Garage Door Repair Aurora technicians have trained long and hard to achieve their status as the most effectively seasoned garage doors repair experts in Aurora, Ontario. Our team is prepared to tackle any type of repair your garage needs. Our quick response times are only overshadowed by the superior repair service we provide. In order to be consistently successful we know it is imperative that we keep a wide range of garage door repair parts on hand to complete the mission.

Broken Spring Repair That Can’t Be Beat

Our broken spring repair team provides outstanding torsion spring repairGarage Doors and extension springs repair that is administered in a safe and effective manner. Springs for your garage door are possibly the most hazardous part to install or replace. Our justification for making this statement is well known in the garage door repair industry. Springs must be wound to precise specifications creating an atmosphere prone to serious injury should one of these springs snap back during the installation or replacement process. Our experts display attention to detail as they administer spring repair safely and effectively.

Extremely Efficient Garage Door Cable Repair

At Garage Door Repair Aurora we provide garage door cable repair efficiently and easily because we carry an assortment of cables in our mobile units. Old cables don’t always snap they can also slip off the drum. This makes replacement unnecessary and our experts will simply place the cable back on the drum and ensure that it is secure. We only make the repair you need, not what we want. We won’t try to offer garage door replacement when we can replace garage door panel just as easily. If you have a door off track we will only install new track if it is absolutely essential for the operation. We offer local service with integrity, honesty and reliability.

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